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What's New on the Kent Farm


This year Vickie will be showing all around  Won Lopin RV Machine  "Spiderman" will be showing in hosemanship, trail & western riding.  2018 was a great year. Vickie & Spiderman were Reserve Champion Select World trail and top ten horsemanship & wesrtern riding. ending up top five ALL AROUND.

RV Gifted Machine is making us proud. She has overcome a late start in life. Her mother, Ill Be A RV Radical, passed away due to a trailer accident. Gifted was born in September 2010, 1 year after her mother passed away, in October. This year, she was a finalist at the AQHA Select World and the Quarter Horse Congress in Western Pleasure. Following her mother's footsteps in Western Pleasure and Trail. She is a pleasure to ride. We feel blessed to have her. 

Congratulations to Christie Hill Arringt

Won Vital Code RV


I Get Radical In My RV

Won Vital Code RV

Wishing Clay good luck with his two year old stock for 2015

Congratulations to Justin Clay Arrington on a great two year old year. Winning the Champion & Reserve Champions in the Little Futurity, Tom Powers & the NSBA World in open & non pro 2yr old. Way to go from from start to finish. He is breaking all the coming two yr. olds at RVquarterhorses. Brothers & sisters to the Masters reserve & Reichert $100,000 Champion.  'Won Lopin RV Machine'

Sixteen year-old Clay Arrington of Graceville, Florida is well on his way to following in the footsteps of his very successful parents and grandparents. Clay's grandmother is Vickie Kent, who along with her husband, Ronnie, own and operate RV Quarter Horses. Vickie and Ronnie have won some of the top events in the industry including, the Reichert Masters Two Year-Old Western Pleasure Challenge and AQHA World Championships. Clay's parents, Christie and Ricky Arrington, are also sucessful horse trainers, so he has had the amazing opportunity to pursue his love and passion of horses through tremendous support from his family.

"He is a great kid," says Vickie Kent about her grandson. "He is always willing to help and he never meets a stranger. He lives less than a mile away, so he loves to come over and ride the young horses. He has great manners and he really appreciates anything you do for him."

Clay's mother and father are also very proud of him. "His first year in 12-14, we were just hoping he would have a good pattern, but for him to win was unbelievable. It was great to see his hard work pay off," his mother.

Clay is currently home-schooled through A Beka Christian Academy but he also has time to play baseball, basketball, and go hunting.

"Riding and showing horses is still at the top of my list though," Clay says. "I love being home-schooled because I can travel more and make new friends all over the country. I don't mind being one of the few boys that show in the youth classes. I love being around horses every day. I also am able to spend more time with my grandparents and parents at the shows, and I appreciate all the support. I would also like to thank my grandparents for the opportunity to ride such nice horses!"

His trainer, Robin Frid, also says that Clay is an outstanding young man. "Most people get to see his passion for riding and competition. However, they never see what a gracious and talented person he is beyond the show pen," Robin Frid states. "Last week I was down visiting them and he drew me a picture free hand. I never knew he had that kind of talent as an artist. Jenny and I both enjoy every moment we get to spend with him. Christie and Ricky have done an amazing job raising him."

Not surprisingly, Clay says he wants to be a horse trainer when he grows up. 

GoHorseShow asked Clay what he wanted for Christmas, and he said he just wanted a new belt to show in and some new horse show supplies because he was running low. A true horseman's answer!

We wish Clay and his two horses the best of luck next year!​

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